What is the section?

The press section compiles inputs for the analysis of the human rights situation, based on a daily monitoring of El Salvador's most widely circulated media.

How to use it?

The press section consists of three elements: in the first one you will find instructions and tutorials to navigate in the section; the second one allows access, through searches and the use of filters, to the database of news registered because of the daily media monitoring. Finally, there is a section with the analysis of the extracted information, presented with categories from a mixed approach.

Why is it important?

The media has become a necessary tool when access to public information is limited. The OUDH has developed this monitoring tool where news on violations of more than 20 human rights are systematized on a daily basis, thus generating inputs for the analysis, measurement and evaluation of the human rights situation in El Salvador.

Which human rights and issues are included?

The press section records news related to human rights violations, which are broken down into more thematic categories linked to different violations.

Among the rights to be found in this section are categorized as: civil rights, the right to environmental protection, the rights of the most vulnerable groups, the rights of victims of the armed conflict, the right to housing, work, and education, among others.

Videos (tutorials)

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